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tom marosz

 My Art is the culmination of some of the best and worst times of my life “Combined with the mastery of skills, of craft, and the attempt to manipulate light in ways that no one expects.  My fascination with light has been a lifelong thing that is evident in every piece I make. When I start a new piece, my desire is to control the light, and therefore the appearance of the piece, in a way that beckons you to see more around the corner and surprises at each turn.  Much of my artistic journey stems from my desire to produce pleasing shapes that flow, reflect and refract the light, like that little spot on the horizon that catches your eye, making you keep looking back to watch it dance on the edge. I strive for technical perfection and attention to detail on every piece knowing full well I may never reach that goal but the journey is part of the fun.  

   Working with glass over the years I have found it has many different personalities and properties. It is versatile, frustrating, beautiful, surprising and sometimes unpredictable. My inspiration comes from my desire to continually investigate new techniques and stretch the abilities of glass. The end result is so satisfying.

   One of my favorite things to play with is the manipulation of negative space. Quite a powerful element when used correctly. Often it is the major element that explains the “story” of my sculpture; most notably, my “Tear For Henry” which I dedicated to my father. I have learned that inspiration can come at the most inopportune times in life, and you just have to let it flow through you. Some pieces are a direct reference to an exact moment in my life, while others are reflections of finely tuning my craft, exercising painstaking detail, and attempting absolute perfection of the process.

   I love working with glass knowing that one wrong move could send the piece flying into many pieces on the floor or one rare Gem ready to be displayed on its pedestal!

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