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Xaverio is an incredible artist who lives in Granda, Spain. He is a visionary artist that is innovating a new creative movement called "Quantum Essence". His work is meticulously created with gemstones and other unusual multimedia that interact with light. His work is made with semi precious stones including rubies, emeralds, pyrite, aquamarine, amethyst, corals and other quartzes. He often has beautiful hues that cast luminescent shadows on the wall, so his pieces appear back lit. His works brings us on an interior adventure. His pieces change like a personality, it's like being a spectator of movement with the diverse materials he uses. He's had international exhibits throughout Europe, South America and the US as well numerous works in museums and collections around the world. Xaverio is a true revolutionary artist, whose pieces often evoke a connection to the cosmos. It is a true privilege to engage with his magical modernist pieces. 

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