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coco valentina's contemporary paintings invite you on a journey through the depths of luminous layered multimedia mixtures of plasters, gels and precious metals. Her textured paintings change with light and reveal different details from different angles. Upon studying her pieces the viewer will find new colors and tones that emerge and hidden layers that dance with each other. She has been honing this technique for the past 20 years of her career, blessed by the wisdom of master painters that were her magnanimous mentors in San Miguel de Allende Mexico. 


She is hailed as the Modernist Monet meets New Mexican Rothko. Her works are celebrated in private and corporate collections around the world.


She is an avid traveller and draws upon inspiration from the vibrant cultures that she immerses herself in. Her paintings both bold and brilliant, illuminate and graciously enrich any space. Their unique, luxurious presence brings a calm serenity and elegance that can be incorporated into many design styles, but more importantly transport the viewer into a meditative state. 


coco valentina has a huge passion for animals and their environment. A mermaid at heart she has embarked on painting oceanscapes from around the world. She focuses on different conservation efforts for our oceans and forests. She believes art is a tool to bring joy and awareness to the planet and is grateful for all the people who are her art enthusiasts. The newest body of work is inspired by colors related to sunlight and flowers in hopes of raising awareness around heirloom seed banks and pollinator sanctuaries. 

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