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Kujat’s wonderful, whimsical bronze sculptures are celebrated worldwide. She is inspired by the mystical realms of goddesses, fairies, angels and mermaids. Her elegant, timeless figures bring joy and delight to her audiences. She is an environmentalist at heart and her pieces evoke a deep sense of connection to mother nature. She was born in Canada and spent endless hours roaming the pristine beaches and magical mountain sides. She began sculpting in clay and after finishing a BA (Hons) in Communications, Culture and Society she embarked upon a new adventure delving into her MFA in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. There she fell in love with the process of sculpting in wax, similar to the Etruscans of ancient times. Her wonderful professor taught her to have the pieces speak to her and evolve organically from the cosmos. This was the key to her destiny as her talent unfolded from there as a successful sculptor. She is now entering her third decade of sculpting and continues to be inspired by the endless beauty of the natural world. Her powerful, evocative, uplifting creations grace private homes, corporate collections, sanctuaries and hospitals internationally. Nature is her paradise. Her latest body of work honors all the flowers that miraculously bloom and create havens for the fairies. She often incorporates fallen branches from special trees into many of the sculptures, and loves working with clients on commission pieces that are tailored to their environment. 

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