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brigitte balbinot


My work is about our spiritual connection to the natural world and a deeper reflection on life’s impermanence. Embracing the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, its minimalism and esthetic, I emphasize the passage of time by creating patinas that are rich in both depth and texture. I believe that art holds a crucial place not only in our own personal evolution but on a global scale and has the potential to not only inspire but heal and change our own state of consciousness. Emotions are what trigger change on a deeper level. A better world begins by changing our inner being. I explore the concept of balance and spirituality by holding each piece I create to a high standard of sophistication, using minimalist and balanced compositions. Nature has a definite effect on our equilibrium. Being in tune with it, drawing from its source is essential to me and my greatest source of inspiration. For that reason, I favor the use of materials that are from the earth such as raw pigments and beeswax. My surfaces are intricate, complex and organic, alluding to the Japanese philosophy of the Wabi-Sabi that embraces imperfection and refers to the ever-ending cycle of life. In the end, I wish for my work to convey a sense of peace, balance and beauty.


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