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shelley hampe

Shelley Hampe’s paintings are characterized by her use of color, material, and mark-making. Her experiences as a graphic designer, illustrator, and writer influence her work in a continuous unspoken narrative. Since 2010, she has exhibited at shows and sold work to private national and international collectors. Shelley’s work has been included in ARTNews and The Dallas Morning News. When she isn’t creating, Shelley is spending time with her husband and two young boys in Dallas, Texas.


Shelley’s artwork is about joy, remembrance, and curiosity. She paints floral abstracts collaged on top of found fabric, paper, and text. Her paintings begin with a variation of fabrics or papers that she collects over time. That collage sparks intuitive text that she has collected through music, books, or articles. At this point she really begins to play around and experiment with the ground by using tape and masking fluid to jolt the viewer. As of lately, many of her paintings at the core, have been memories of places that she has visited and looking forward to seeing again.

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