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robbie kaye


Aftermath is a collection of work that evolved in response to the 2020 epidemic. While sequestered at home, creating this work provided a channel to cope, accept and transcend the nuances of new and extenuating circumstances. Each piece invites a peaceful place in the midst of chaos.


Naked Trees

In a world full of change and unpredictability, one thing stays constant: the transformative power of nature and beauty. I transitioned into the fine art world as a classical and jazz trained musician and songwriter. Like music, I fell in love with composing colors, shadows and textures through the mediums of photographs and paintings. Like a symphony, where all the instruments come together, so do the elements of our environment, with nature as the grand conductor. Each piece hosts a bird, hidden or obvious, which represents the life still present in winter. These paintings are infused with essential oils such as; sandalwood and neroli. Amid the bare trees are paths to follow. The change of season is an invitation to go inside, not to hide, but to find renewal. This is where I find myself, time and time again. Paths connect people, places and treasured memories. It is my intention that Naked Trees will do the same.

Robbie Kaye

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