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laura peters

Weaves together: a creative management career, a lifetime of exploring foreign cultures on five continents, years of hiking, biking and climbing in dramatic landscapes, a liberal arts degree in Psychology, twenty years of studying yoga + meditation. These diverse experiences have shaped my organic aesthetic, encouraged my openness to new ideas, helped me understand human nature and fine-tuned my power of observation. I find inspiration everywhere . . . but nature is my Muse. Artist, Max Beckman, said that all great Art speaks to the “Mysteries of Life”. (Read more about Artists + the Theosophy movement. )

— I am attracted to simplicity in beauty and allow myself a fair amount of freedom while chasing the creative process.


Previously, as an Art Director, I took classes in knitting, quilting, letterpress and book making and taught myself the art of interior + garden design. — Over the last two years, I have furthered my artistic skills with training in jewelry design, print making and abstract painting. I studied jewelry design at the Haystack School of Arts + Crafts on Deer Isle in Maine, with the Pratt Fine Arts Center studies in San Miguel de Allende MX and while in Seattle at Danaca Design; and explored abstract painting at the Pratt in Seattle, at Esalen on Big Sur in California and the Sedona Arts Center in Arizona. I learned more about art history and business on a week course in NYC with the Gage School of Art. While living in Portland, I took part in a neighborhood-based Artist’s Way Group.


— My recent travels have taken me to beautiful destinations to explore influential museums, galleries and trend-setting restaurants, boutiques: in Spain/France, Iceland, Oaxaca and to the Southwest hot spots of JoshuaTree/Palm Springs, Marfa/Austin, Denver, Tucson/Sedona, and Santa Fe.

My artistic explorations are inspired by the magical mystical sunsets of the open high desert. Immersing myself in the culture of the Navajo Pueblo, I reflect often on the power of bold visual symbols. The stones I work with are each lovingly chosen for both their visual power and their healing abilities. My Art asks the viewer to delve a little deeper— outside the societal structured mind to a soulful place beyond words. I paint from a meditative space, not always knowing where the act of creating will take me. My life continues to be guided by daily reflection while following my life-long passion for art, design, creativity and spirituality. Living out in the raw beauty of New Mexico feeds my soul.

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