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jay hall

I've always been fascinated by degraded surfaces - rusty truck boxes, scratched tools, bent signage, Boba Fett's helmet. Beautiful veneers that change from the rigors of daily life. Chipped, scratched and faded but still useful. Stories that are told and those that will forever remain a mystery. As I get older, these observations have become more personal. The patinas we suffer through life do not keep us from the conversation but enhances it. This work explores that concept in minimalist forms and muted palettes.

Jay Hall hails from the Great Lakes region of the Midwest. After a brief stint in New England, he settled in Phoenix, AZ where he has been involved in the art scene for many years. He is currently focusing on his own work out of The Suncrest Building, an art CO-OP located in central Phoenix. Jay has experimented with many mediums including monoprinting, painting, photography, serigraphy, ceramics and digital printing. His influences are diverse and constantly changing citing Robert Rauschenburg, Donald Judd, Gerhard Richter and Richard Serra as a few with Paleontologist Stephen J. Gould, architect Frank Gehry, filmmaker Peter Greenaway, Abraham Lincoln and Elvis adding their input.


"It's hard to put your finger on only a few people or events. You get older, experience different things and make new discoveries all the time. If someone asked me my 10 favorite songs now, the list would look a lot different now than ten years ago. In art, I don't believe you’re chasing a ‘magnum opus' but, in fact, on a journey; individual works and discoveries are stepping stones to the next. For me the creative process, as with all learning, is a series of incomplete exercises. I learn more by failure than by success.”


Jay has a BS in Geology from Beloit College, WI. He has participated in numerous small works shows in Phoenix, AZ.

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