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Visible Frequencies / VF ^

100% hemp / Handwoven / Hand-dyed textiles

Born in 1985 in Denver, CO, Taryn received a BFA in Apparel Design and Production, and after graduating went on for a short stint in the NYC fashion industry. Her time in NYC was focused on textile print / pattern design which significantly inspired her current creative direction of patterned tactile experiences. However it wasn’t until many years later that weaving emerged as her preferred medium. She is self-taught in her weaving practice. In 2012 she developed a sensitivity to certain electromagnetic frequencies which led to many years of unexplained illness. As Taryn began to realize that it was non-visible frequencies such as WiFI, cell signals, bluetooth, and all forms of wireless communication that were adversely affecting her health, her entire lifestyle had to change. She now lives and works in her remote home studio outside of Santa Fe, NM, unable to fully engage with most forms of modern technology. Taryn is attracted to the analog nature of weaving, preferring the systematic monotony of her time on the loom. She creates bold and patterned textiles, working exclusively with hemp fiber which she hand-dyes in studio.


My creative work is led by my curiosity within the non-visible frequency spectrums of electromagnetic energy. I am interested in the visual translation of frequency patterns - in making the non-visible visible. As technology, specifically systems of wireless communication, the internet, and AI, continue to permeate all aspects of our modern lives, I question the true necessity of it all. I am interested instead in exploring the technology that empowers the totality of our existence, and in the enhancement of our innate ability to transmit and receive information energetically through vibrational frequency. The patterns I weave are visible forms of energetic communication which have no verbally definable meaning. 










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