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christopher pendleton

Christopher Pendleton is an abstract artist who works inside the technical realm of Verre Glomis; also referred to as Reverse Glass painting. The artist’s works have no direct reference relative to scale; the compositions appear macroscopic or microscopic as the viewer is likely to recognize a condensed world of amoeba-like forms jockeying for position or, conversely, a meteoric streak across a cosmic void lit by literally thousands of points of light. At first glance the artist’s work may seem spontaneous or gestural. Converse to that thinking both the surface preparation and the creative method Pendleton devised are quite involved. Christopher reacts to what he sees unfolding in real time as one medium resists another on the compositional plane. Pendleton sees it as an expression of the way in which we live our lives as we plan/initiate and then find ourselves surprised or even marginalized by results we could not have anticipated. The artist is highly influenced by graffiti's and street art's use of pre-mixed spray paint and unconventional, large scale surfaces and the great immediacy of its execution.  Christopher Pendleton was born in Berrien Springs, Michigan, on May 20th, 1982. In 2010, Pendleton obtained his BFA and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico. Pendleton has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New Mexico and Oklahoma City. His works are Collected both nationally and internationally in a number of private collections.

"When I look at my paintings I see the things that have inspired me and my work! There are so many layers to the inspiration, the texture of a weathered old  gate, the sound of a Pan flute, a story my father read to me when I was younger, the New Mexican landscape, books I have read, and the art/Artists I have studied and Love an MUSIC. A huge part of that influence is the art of Chavin De Huantar. The staff God connecting Heaven and Earth; a single image was not just one image, but many, many, many images depending on how you look at it. Each painting tells a story and gives a very intimate glimpse of my personality. The process for me is where it’s at, and I am happy and humbled to share my story."  

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