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cara enteles

Cara Enteles is best known for her landscape paintings that are personal interpretations of nature.


“My work is the visual diary of an ongoing fascination with the natural world.”


Enteles is based in the western Catskill mountains, where she often experiences the woods, streams and river nearby. Hiking or mountain biking, always with a sketch pad and camera. She also has a large garden which serves as her muse. This proximity to nature allows her to spend time observing and translating the experiences to her paintings. The choice of the aluminum and acrylic substrates is deliberate. The slightly reflective surface changes with the light, mimicking the natural world, and the contrast of the nature imagery on the industrial surface creates a tension.

As a lover of nature, Enteles subtly addresses environmental issues that plague our natural world. These include declining numbers of pollinating animals, such as monarch butterflies, birds, bees and bats. Plastic pollution, fracking, oil spills and climate change have all been addressed in different bodies of works. But Enteles believes that nature has an amazing ability to right itself, given the chance.


“I aim to make the work positive and want it to be an advocate for nature.”


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