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beth gandy

The work of American painter Beth Gandy is energized with strong color and brisk bravura-style brushstrokes or palette knife work. Beth’s passion for art has been life long, but her concentration of work intensified later in life. She devoted much time to art classes, International artists’ workshops including Scott Burdick, and painting often. Prior to her abstract work, she spent several years painting portraits using the effects of lighting on her subjects.

In recent years, Beth has focused on contemporary art; figurative basis and abstract. Using style inspiration from Willem de Kooning, Gandy’s work displays eagerly and fervently abstract textures and forms.  Her work has been sold in several southern  galleries and showrooms and is represented by agents and designers throughout the US. She is most often found painting in her studio in Dallas where she currently lives with her husband.


My artwork celebrates the human form, usually female. From the beginning, I was inspired to paint portraits and organic shapes. The portraits began to morph into abstraction. Most of all, I enjoy the fervent freedom that abstract oil work provides.

Each new piece usually begins with a figurative sketch and a few specific color choices. I then let the creative process direct the flow of the project. Color, texture, and brush stokes give each work its identity.

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