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shawn waco

Shawn Waco began his art in printmaking, painting, welding sculpture, and graphic design in 1990 while living in Santa Monica. He found passion in viscosity etching and he etched visionary cities and surly characters onto the metal plates and mastered the technique of overlapped color, rolled on the deeply etched metal plate to create vibrant effects.
For 25 years, Shawn pushed mediums and techniques and developed his own unique vision and a brand new process creating something spectacular. "The photograph does not always capture the mood. I felt a need to developed a new art method to reassemble and recreate the magic of the places I visited."
Shawn is a world traveler and has spent time exploring Europe, South America, Asia, and many road trips across the US. From dense overpopulated smog cities to old crumbling beautiful cities like Porto and Naples, his art captures what is happening in the world today.

Larger commisson pieces available.


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