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Georgina Gettman

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Born in California in 1978, Georgina Latino's hispanic heritage has had great influence in her paintings. Having lived a decade in Mexico, the lure of bright color frequencies have led themselves into her material synthesis and sentimentality in her work. Georgina now lives and works in her hometown in San Diego, California.

She has exhibited at the National Auditorium in Mexico City (2007), IBERO Puebla (2007). Her next scheduled show will be at corazon contemporary November 2020.

Artist Statement

The experience of color byway of the impasto technique reevaluates painting as a two-dimensional concept and opens the possibilities of entering a three-dimensional reality. Visually, the high density of texture implores the viewer to want to touch it or eat it, stimulating the emotion of desire and taboo. The experience of texture found in objects such as Ice-Cream- the memory carries me back to the summers in L.A. in the Mexican part of town. My aunts would take me to the corner Thrifty's store and as a child I would be sold on the Bubble Gum flavored ice-cream because I loved how the different colored pieces of gum would stain the ivory ball of cream and how these stains of hot pink and hot green and blue would swirl together making a marbled design. And the urgency of it all! The hot L.A. summer atmosphere melting it onto my fingers, the visual experience suffusing the flavors in my mouth, and the impossible attachment to something with such a short life span. It is the tragedy of these temporal objects and memories that inspire my work.

Color as solely a sensation carried by way of one's optical experience; the ephemeral and intangible reality impregnates one with a certain loss. Simply looking at a beautiful landscape swells one's chest with a euphoric sensation, yet the memory of that experience will have little resemblance to the lived experience now in the past.

The conundrums of nature and beauty where color exists in out of sight settings- phosphorescent life thriving in the deep shadowed seas, fuchsia cactaceae amidst the desert, neon colored algae burgeoning in forest light, also influence references in my work. The formation of color as a visual element- the frequency of light particular to the human experience and the effect of color on the human psyche, excites me. In turn, I am intrigued with the possibilities of introducing distinctly contradictory materials, unorthodox interactions to form a new discourse.

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